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    Information Technology Solutions

    Today’s competitive businesses are constantly improving processes and looking for ways to keep technical costs predictable, prevent unexpected network downtime, and communicate more efficiently and effectively. With end-to-end information technology solutions, including our AgileSolution, from Probitas Technology, we can help commercial organizations and government agencies accomplish their technical goals. We can create and implement custom information technology plans and strategies to keep your operation running at peak performance.


    Probitas is well versed in multiple software development and project execution methodologies, including Waterfall, Iterative and Agile. We believe Agile and its collaboration-focused development framework, which relies heavily on continuous testing and improvement and avoids common development issues and increases efficiency. The software development process is often plagued by one or more of these common problems. We call these problems SVC (Schedule-Value-Cost):

    • The project will run behind SCHEDULE

    • Your project didn’t live up to its expected VALUE

    • You anticipated a significantly lower COST

    Communications Cabling

    Even though our businesses operate in a wireless world, communications cabling is still needed to make it all happen. Our skilled team of cabling specialists can help your business by enhancing your internal collaboration, customer communication, and overall competitive advantage. Our trained cabling technicians have the experience and installation technique your enterprise needs for communication that empowers every member of your team.

    Network Infrastructure

    Your network infrastructure is critical for your company’s ongoing success. Probitas Technology can plan, design, implement, and manage your company’s network infrastructure with customized solutions that meet your needs and position your network for reliability and effectiveness. We can build you a completely new network infrastructure from the ground up or utilize our years of experience to revamp your existing network. With the right solution from Probitas Technology, your business will be more efficient and profitable.

    Strategic Network Planning

    As your business grows, so does your company’s networking needs. Before you make major changes to your complex network, you need to have a strategic plan in place to address both current and long-term needs. The innovative and knowledgeable consultants at Probitas Technology can help you create the perfect strategic networking plan and implement it across your entire infrastructure over time or as quickly as needed.

    Wireless Solutions

    At Probitas Technology, our team of wireless experts will assess your current wireless configuration, then make accurate and reliable recommendations on how to upgrade it to meet both your current and future needs. We will find the best locations for access points in your building and implement a wireless solution that’s robust and reliable for years to come.

    Cyber Security

    Cyber attacks are on the rise and show no sign of slowing down any time in the near future. That is why your network’s cyber security is as important as physical security. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive cyber security strategy and plan that minimizes disruption to your everyday operation while maximizing security and eliminating potential risks.

    Here are 5 steps to improve IT security with vulnerability management:

    1. Determine Your Scope

    Determining the scope of your scanning and remediation process is one of the key ways vulnerability management can improve your security posture. Vulnerabilities can exist at every level of your network. With an external scan from the prospective of an outside attacker, an internal scan for local network threats, application testing, and hiring a third-party penetration tester – the time and money can quickly add up. Determine the scope of issues you can afford to fix and what level of risk you can accept, and grow from there as your process matures.

    2. Identify your Asset Owners

    Scanning will help you to determine what is on your network, and how those hosts are vulnerable. You must then be able to quickly identify who is responsible for those hosts, and work with them to create a remediation plan. Work with your asset owners to create a centralized source for this ownership information. This will not only speed up the remediation process, but ensure that your asset owners already know and work with your vulnerability management team when the time comes to remediate issues.

    3. Manage your Exceptions

    There will be issues identified in your scans that cannot be remediated. Perhaps they are low enough risk that they are not worth taking the time to fix, they are too expensive and time consuming to fix, or a vendor cannot certify an application that will work with a particular patch. Whatever the reason, a formal exception process must be established. This will allow your organization to make an educated decision about the level of risk it is accepting, as they will be informed of the extent of the risk and determine what can or should be done. Exceptions should always be offered for a set period of time, and revisited to confirm if something can now be done before they are recertified.

    4. Have a Single Authoritative Source

    A formal vulnerability management process will produce multiple scans that cover many different areas of your network and business. It requires keeping track of remediation plans of multiple asset owners for numerous vulnerabilities. Keeping a single authoritative source with a vulnerability management team will allow for better tracking and reporting of the status of your security posture. Have a team work with your asset owners to keep a database detailing their remediation efforts, as this will ensure someone is always focused on the vulnerability management process and can keep things moving forward. Accurate and up-to-date records are essential to understanding your risk.

    5. Formalize your Policy

    Once your scope is set, your owners have been identified and there is buy in from all groups about the nature of your vulnerability management process, formalize it in policy. Set a timeline for remediation of identified vulnerabilities, based on realistic goals your asset owners can meet. Ensure that there is sufficient oversight to determine the status of vulnerabilities and set it all down in policy. This will give your vulnerability management team the authority to work with owners to remediate issues in a timely manner and keep your risk low.

    Having a mature vulnerability management process in place can help you to protect your business, your systems, and your customers. Recent events have shown information security to be more important than ever, and an investment in vulnerability management now could save you from being a headline later.

    Interested in Starting a New Career?

    Probitas Technology provides professional, skilled Consultants for IT, engineering, light industrial, administrative, and manufacturing positions for clients nationwide.

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