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    Electronic Safety & Security

    At Probitas Technology, we help our valued partners leverage innovation to reinforce their security capability and prevent unauthorized intrusion to their digital networks and their physical work spaces. These electronic security capabilities include, but are not limited to close circuit televisions (CCTVs), intrusion detection and alarm systems, access control systems, and much more. The experienced security experts at Probitas Technology can help you identify security needs and potential vulnerabilities and provide you with a balanced solution that meets your budgeting requirements.


    CCTV: Bosch, Samsung, Panasonic, Axis, Milestone

    Access Control: Open Options, Quintron AccessNSite

    Intrusion Detection: Bosch, DMP

    Mass Notification: Commend

    Give us a call at 717-773-4208 to speak with one of our consultants.

    Video Management

    We can design, install, and manage your closed circuit television (CCTV) needs. Our video management systems offer integrated access control, photo ID creation, and digital video storage. When you need to access the video, you can retrieve it onsite or remotely at the touch of a button–we can even limit access to who is able to view the videos. Let us develop a custom CCTV system for you.

    Video Management Hardware (VMH).

    Digital Video Recorder (DVR): Records analog CCTV video utilizing a motherboard, hard drive, operating system, power supply. Analog cameras plug into a dedicated port on the back of the DVR. The number of camera ports are commonly offered in multiples of eight (8, 16, 32).

    Network Video Recorder (NVR): An NVR is the new DVR. The big difference is that NVR’s do not have hardwired analog camera ports. Network video recorders are purpose specific PC’s designed to record IP video. The NVR is connected to a network like any other PC and IP cameras are set to send video to the NVR’s hard drive. The physical connection of the NVR and IP camera to the network made is at the switch.

    Hybrid-Network Video Recorder (HNVR): Utilizing these will connect technology as well as transition analog to IP video. There is a number of hardwired analog ports like a DVR but also allow for network and IP camera connection as an NVR.

    Network Switch: The switch or switching hub is simply a computing device that connects many devices together to form a network. Some switches have the ability to provide Power-over-Ethernet to cameras.

    Encoder: Puts analog cameras on an IP video network. The coaxial cable is connected to the encoder in lieu of the DVR. The encoder connects to the network like any IP camera and the analog video is converted to IP.

    Video Management Software (VMS): Most CCTV technology manufacturers have developed their own versions Video Management Software. Essential VMS functions allow users to view live and recorded video, export video, control cameras, and set patterns. With the rise of IP video, many companies have created mobile app extensions of their VMS for iOS and Android. The big CCTV providers will let you download and install their software for free to try it out on a few cameras. You install it on your PC or server and program the cameras yourself. If you like it and decide to keep it, camera licensing can be purchased and installed to extend the software functionality beyond the free version.

    Physical Access Control Systems

    The primary dual role of security is preventing access to unauthorized sources while empowering authorized personnel with convenient accessibility. We offer innovative and reliable physical access control systems that serve as the first line of defense for your organization’s greatest assets and sensitive areas. Our completely customizable solutions will allow you to detect who is in the facility and to restrict access to certain areas on the property.

    Intrusion Detection Systems

    Probitas Technology works with you to develop a customized intruder detection system that will allow you to alert the appropriate people to an intrusion. You can take action as needed to evacuate or call the authorities. That way, you can protect your employees, goods, equipment and data from potentially devastating consequences. We have a wide selection of intrusion detection systems available, and our trained professionals will be happy to help you select the perfect system to meet your security needs and stay within your budget.

    Mass Notifications

    When you need to notify everyone on your property of an immediate emergency, you need an effective mass notification system in place. Fire alarms, lighting systems, and sound alarms are just a few examples of mass notification technology. Probitas Technology will install, test, and manage these systems for you, ensuring they will work when it matters most.

    Fire Detection Systems

    Early fire detection is critical to the safety of the people within your organization. Without properly maintained fire and smoke alarms you could be putting your business and occupants at risk.

    Probitas Technology can provide your business with the proper testing, inspection and maintenance of alarm systems, which can help save lives and property.

    Probitas fire service technicians will perform regularly scheduled maintenance and testing maximizing safety and keeping you in compliance with federal, state and local codes.

    Interested in Starting a New Career?

    Probitas Technology provides professional, skilled Consultants for IT, engineering, light industrial, administrative, and manufacturing positions for clients nationwide.

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