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    2018… the Year of New Recruitment Technology.

    Blog by Mike Jones, Vice President

    I started in the Recruiting and Staffing industry in January 1998 when we clipped job postings out of the Sunday paper and got excited when the fax machine dinged. We all remember our first placement… faxed job description, run a search on an Access database of candidates, go to lunch, come back, review the few candidates whose records also showed the corresponding filing cabinet where you would find the hard copy of their resume, call the candidate, interview candidate, submit (fax) candidates resume. The times have certainly changed.

    In 20 years, technology has greatly advanced traditional recruitment practices and with the use of these technologies increasing, 2018 will see many new recruitment technologies.

    Recruit and Engage; Less of Applications through Posting

    The recruiting model where active job seekers apply for a role online, will be superseded by a new model called the ‘Find & Engage’ approach.

    Digital technology and data science analytics will ‘find’ candidates by searching talent pools and examining large amounts of data at once, to create candidate shortlists. These will also extrapolate data patterns to gauge how interested in new job opportunities a candidate is.

    LinkedIn Video

    It’s already here… LinkedIn allows you to upload video and embed video into your profile. This will allow LinkedIn users: candidates, professionals, and businesses to build a brand. Candidate videos will also help give a stronger personal view of the candidate showing personality, enthusiasm and help to determine a potential cultural fit.

    Candidate Screening… Artificial Intelligence

    We will most likely see machines screen Resumes and Candidate Profiles and also communicate with candidates. Some major companies are already using this technology or a junior version of it to convert data into a dashboard like a report for evaluation and therefore the shortlisting candidates is more efficient.

    Take a Tour via Virtual Reality

    It’s been here I know… mostly seen on the Christmas list of our children and other technology enthusiasts who want the thrill of a rollercoaster or skydiving from their living room couch. Now, companies are developing tours of their campuses (the grounds, reception areas, workspaces, interactions amongst colleagues to see the layout, the culture, the décor, etc.

    Tryouts… Perform in the role interview.

    Companies are starting to use what’s call Augmented Reality as part of their interview process. AR creates an on-the-job or interactive experience. Sales candidates may find themselves in a mock sales meeting or recruiting candidates find themselves in a mock candidate initial contact or interview. Companies who are looking to hire the best management may be finding themselves using AR to see how candidates deal with a workplace issue.

    For more information on the trends of 2018 or to hear about our current openings, contact Probitas at 717-773-4208.