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    Securely Connecting our Physical and Virtual Worlds

    About Us

    At Probitas Technology, we have been delivering end-to-end solutions to commercial and government enterprises for over 15 years now. We have worked with small startup companies in their earliest phases of operation to complex and established Fortune 500 companies, with plenty of diverse customers in between.

    We believe that the core of our business is our clients, our partners.

    At Probitas Technology, we focus on giving our trusted partners comprehensive solutions to solve their day-to-day business problems–the problems that make them less efficient and less profitable. To give our customers the best service possible, we have two dedicated teams focused on meeting their specific needs. Our Professional Services team focuses on creating technical solutions while our Staffing Solutions team focuses on bringing in the talent our clients need to achieve sustainable success.

    probitās, probitātis
    Origin: late Middle English: from Latin probitas, from probus ‘good.’

    1. goodness, worth, uprightness, honesty, probity; 2. modesty

    noun: probity – ‘prōbədē/’
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    Synonyms: Integrity, Honesty, Uprightness, Decency, Morality, Rectitude, Goodness, Virtue, Right-Mindedness, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Honor

    Interested in Starting a New Career?

    Probitas Technology provides professional, skilled Consultants for IT, engineering, light industrial, administrative, and manufacturing positions for clients nationwide.

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